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Content Creators/Freelancer/Service providers

Start Today For a Great Future

A content creation/freelance/service provider's job is one where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. While they do take on contract work for companies and organizations, yet are ultimately self-employed.

  • Who can be a content creator/freelancer/service provider?

    Content Creator/Freelancer/Service Provider

    A content creator/freelancer/service provider can be anybody having basic skills and wants to be self-employed rather than working for a big MNC. Plus this field offers a whole lot of benefits like freedom, financial independence, flexibility.

  • Entrepreneurship

    No restriction

    We support individuality but we don't mind if he/she has whole firm running in the background.

  • 0 charges

    How much do we charge?

     A person can create his/her professional account and he/she is ready to go. We charge nothing for an account creation or reaching to clients. 



Getting into business

A client is someone for whom a professional person or organization is providing a service or doing some work.

  • Who can be a client?


    A client can be somebody who has work and need someone to get his/her work. Client can an individual or any kind of organization.

  • No restriction

    What's your benefit here.

    Hire from our wide range of categories and sub-categories. Starting from Web development to repair to rentals to baby care to even a car wash and many more. Freelancer from multiple domain are ready to work.

  • 0 charges

    How much do we charge?

    We won't charge anything for just an ad.


Why Inshaan?

We are here to cater and manage the most important tool for the biggest work force.

Inshaan Corp. provides the basic and most important management tool for content creators/freelancer/service providers with exciting features.

  • Point 1

    Best in class dashboard for management

    Our dashboard clearly mentions all the awards, experiences while at the same time manages all the freelance work. You don't need any other tool to handle or manage your projects or services.

  • Point 2


    We are offering online as well as an offline portal for freelancers/clients with almost 180+ categories and sub-categories.

  • Point 3

    Open and free marketplace

    India's first open and free marketplace.

  • Point 4

    Escrow feature

    We are the first to offer a no-commission escrow feature.

  • Point 5

    Multiple Portfolio feature

    Now you can be batman and superman at the same time.