What change do we want to make in the world?

Our Vision.

Our vision is to be earth's most Gig-worker eccentric company. To build and be a place where people can run their individual business and lead the biggest workforce.



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What do we stand for?

Our Values

Our users entrust us with their money, their businesses, and their livelihoods.In future people will depend on us to run their business and we stand strong in our believes.



Users trust us with their money and transaction being taken place. We stand to provide the most secure way for transaction so that none our users faces any issues.



We stand strong with Gig-workers, who understand the effort and guts it takes to stand alone in the society in order to make their own identity.



We care and believe in the ideology of true freedom and being on our own.



Through the tools that we build, we want to push the world to trust and do business with people who are ready to give whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Our Roadmap

How are we planning to continue

We always challenge the openness of higher possibilities without defining the limits of our teams and products. We test our hypotheses about new attempts and enjoy making our way around the world.

Powerful and Flexible.

First version.

- Gig-Aggregator = Many freelancing marketplace are emerging, which is ultimately good for the community but this leads to a new issue. A gig-worker has to stay active in every platform in order to reach out to clients.

- Smart Contract = Escrow based transaction are pretty common in gig-economy but traditional platform charges a commission up-to 40%, which is not really favorable in the long run.

- Dashboard

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Bring your team together.

Second Version

- Messaging

- Proposal

- Portfolio = Since we can see a number of platform being developed for all the community to share the work, its getting very difficult to authenticate, cross check and see reviews of that particular individual. We can have a single portfolio design where an individual can link with multiple platform and share the link of the portfolio along with reviews and previous work record so as to maintain one single point of contact.

- Team Listing = New freelancers find it very difficult to start as a freelancer. They can enter a team from the team listing marketplace and start working with other service providers.

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Discover powerful feature of Blockchain

Third Version

- Dispute Management system = In traditional escrow system we can see a trend of dispute and resolution but in space platform are client biased. If the dispute is being shared in the network and every members of DAO are given an opportunity to participate. We ignore the case of being biased and automate the system instead of participating as a company.

- Profile Rating System = From the vast amount of freelancer in the space, new freelancer finds it difficult to land a client. That’s not it, client faces equally same problem trusting a new freelancer. Not only profile rating system will help new freelancer to index better in the marketplace, it will also help clients to trust a new freelancer.

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